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Nebraska Sudanese Council of Churches

How does Cush Community help refugee families in Omaha?

The program initiatives of Cush Community Lutheran Church include the following:

I. Transform community members' lives with Gospel:
a. Personal faith in Jesus Christ
b. Love of God and neighbor
c. Active commitment in Sudanese community fellowship, prayer, Bible study, tithing and evangelical outreach
d. Proclaiming the Gospel to women, men and children

II. Provide relief assistance to newly-arrived refugees:

a. Provide food and medical assistance
b. Supply clothes and household items
c. Locate transitional housing
d. Provide transportation
e. Provide translation and interpretation at social services

III. Provide Language Training and Interpretation

a. Provide tutoring in the English language
b. Offer Nuer language classes for both Nuer-speaking and non-Nuer speaking people
c. Provide translation and interpretation services
d. Provide children's education in North Omaha Community Center

IV. Advance the Welfare of Families and Youth

a. Provide health and wellness training
b. Develop and disseminate informational materials on domestic violence laws and support services
c. Provide child care services
d. Offer youth activities
e. Hold parenting classes
f. Offer citizenship classes

V. Facilitate Economic and Community Development

a. Provide job training workshops
b. Offer advise on money management
c. Provide information on how to purchase and maintain a home
d. Develop leadership skills of men and women so they can play a greater advocacy role

VI. Foster Cultural Understanding

Offer educational activities that promote cultural understanding between the Sudanese community and other Omaha residents.