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Nebraska Sudanese Council of Churches


Community outreach and evangelism is the way to bring Sudanese people together. By fostering cultural understanding and building a personal relationship in Jesus Christ, we create cultural worship opportunities.


Cush Community Lutheran Church is providing national and international educational services -- both formally and informally - that are designed to improve knowledge, skills and experiences of Sudanese people, irrespective of where they live. The church also provides these services to others who are interested in Sudanese culture, history, arts and language and advancing the welfare of families and youth.


The health program uses a community-based health intervention approach. The program is interested in developing sustainable community structures capable of coordinating activities with health and development partners. The program focuses on children education and child health development.

Cush Community Lutheran Church will partner with Ethiopian Evangelical Church in the Gambella region on fighting HIV/AIDS. The population of the Upper Nile is in dire need of HIV/AIDS education, prevention and treatment. Cultural practices may exacerbate the HIV/AIDS problem because in the Nolitic culture, one man can marry as many women as he wants. The number of partners one has can increase to possibility of getting and transmitting the virus. In addition, the Nilotic culture forces most to remain with their relatives' wives after the husbands die even if they have died of HIV/AIDS. This problem can be address in community-wide workshops to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS and also provide training for healthcare providers in Southern Sudan.

Relief: Cush Community Relief International Inc.

The people of Southern Sudan are facing worsening food shortage; the Christian populations have been threatened by famine, death from starvation, and severe malnutrition in the entire Southern Sudan. Cush Community Lutheran Church is developing a relief program to help in alleviating the suffering of the people in the Southern Sudan and refugee camps by training Sudanese citizens in agricultural sciences so that they can become self sufficient. We also provide aid assistance to Sudanese in United States, with services such as transitional housing, transportation and access to social services. We link non-governmental, ecumenical organizations and funding resources together to provide services to needy citizens and former citizens of Sudan who are in United States and in East Africa.


Cush Community Lutheran Church is developing a hunger and agricultural program to alleviate the chronic poverty in Upper Nile area in Southern Sudan. The war in Southern Sudan has displaced more than four (4) million and lost the lives of more than 2 million people. The ethnic cleansing in oil fields has increased displacement of people and has caused tremendous suffering from malnutrition. South Sudanese lack of access to food and medicines. Further, there are inadequate agricultural production systems, environmental degradation, and environmentally induced illness. The community needs training in agricultural science, training on business management skills on how to develop food, crops, forestry, livestock, wildlife, and fisheries. They can also benefit from learning about agricultural technology.

Human Rights and Peace Development Education

Cush Community Lutheran Church is involved in the peace process is fully engaged in peacemaking and conflict resolution. We want to conduct human rights and peace education in the community. We are planning to train people on how to conduct mediations and negotiations to create safe social space for humanitarian relief and community development in Southern Sudan. We hope that this training will encourage community members to become more responsible for sustaining peace and humanitarian efforts.

Bible School

The education and training of pastors and lay leaders are high priorities for the community development in Southern Sudan. With the continued fighting, education has been very difficult to sustain. There is a strong desire from lay pastors to receive an education. I visited some areas in Ethiopia, Sudan recently. Two of the goals were to make an assessment for the future, and to evaluate a new church and school that had just opened in the Punyundo Refugee Camp in Gambella and in Sudan. Currently, there are seven evangelical Lutheran churches with 1,630 members. I met with leaders from Ethiopian Evangelical Mekanss Yessu and faculty of Baro Bible School and formed a partnership so that seven Lutheran students could begin the lay pastor's course. The Baro Bible School is the only available Bible school that teaches English and various Sudanese languages, which makes it accessible to our students. We suggested that the course which is currently a one-year course be expanded to three years so that students will be able to advance more quickly to seminary. When these students have completed the courses, they will start discipleship workshops in Southern Sudan and Western Ethiopia. Life will not be easy for these students or their families who are often more than three hours away in a refugee camp.

I was happy that they were all accepting the call to serve the church. There are some anxious times; communication is difficult, slow and expensive to this remote area of western Ethiopia.

The cost for a full Bible School scholarship is $600 per school year which covers: tuition, food, lodging, with a small allowance for clothing and supplies. With the generosity of several Lutheran churches and individuals, hopefully scholarships for all seven students can be provided for the first year. These students need sponsors for full or partial scholarships. Please let the Synod office or Cush Community know if you would like to sponsor a full or partial student for the first year.