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Pre-School News

Tot-Time children had a few more days off than anticipated after the Christmas break as we follow OPS closings during inclement weather situations.  Remember whose three icy, snowy, extremely cold days in January?  I do!!!  The children are now back in full swing and warm the room with their smiles, hugs, and excitement

We have been hard at work, play, and learning.  Over Christmas break, Mrs. Haury and I were able to spend time creating new centers and revamping existing ones.  The children thrive on variety! WE have studied penguins (who live in groups called rookeries), snowflakes (which you too can make with Borax and water), and body care (tooth brushing can be charted!)

Along with changing weekly units, we incorporate gym, music, Bible stories, and other fun activities.  Our monthly outing was to the Children's Museum.  The children had a ball and want to go back "next week".  Mrs. Haury funded the trip in honor of her son Jack's birthday!  Thanks, Trish. Students and staff of Tot-Time thank you for your continual support and wish you a February filled with love.