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Angel Award Winner for February

The February Angel Award goes to all of the couples who have lived their entire lives dedicated to one another.  February is the month for "sweethearts" so to all of you who have remained true to your vows we wish you a Happy Valentines Day and hearty congratulations!!!!


Enjoy Your Life Award Winner for February

The Enjoy Your Life Award for February goes to all of you who use these winter months to travel and to experience other, warmer parts of our land.  May your remaining weeks of winter solace be pleasant.


Generosity Award Winner for February

The February Generosity Award goes to Bennett Jackson, pre-schooler extraordinaire.  Bennett emptied his piggy bank and carried the contents to First Lutheran Church to donate to the fund for those uprooted by the tsunami disaster.  Bennett, you set a shining example for all of us.  Thank you for your generosity.