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Congregation President
Henry Schuttler

Human Resources
   Karen Meredith
   Diane Meyer
Past President
Reinhart Paulsen
Lois Knutzen
Vice President
Diane Givens
Department of Christian Life
   Bill Ashbridge
Maureen Ashbridge
 Properties and Management
   Fred Claycamp
   Bob Weberg
   Bill Dankert
Lois Knutzen
Christian Education
   Sandi Youngs
Council Members at Large
Cindy Lindquist
   Diane Meyer
   Willene Schiffbauer
   Jim Snyder
   Wayne Moeller
Financial Secretary
Lois Knutzen


Properties & Maintenance
Fred Claycamp, Bob Weberg, Bill Dankert

Vice President--Dianne Givens
President--Henry Schuttler
Financial Secretary/Treasurer, Lois Knutzen
Secretary--Maureen Ashbridge

Human Resources--Karen Meredith
Stewardship--Wayne Moeller
Dept. of Christian Life--Bill Ashbridge
Human Resources--Diane Meyer


Member at Large--Cindy Lindquist
Human Resources--Donna Thompson
Member at Large--Willene Schiffbauer




Department of Human Resources

Our purpose continues to be supportive and give assistance to the Pastor, Staff, and other Departments in hiring, complaints, counseling, evaluations, and any other questions regarding personnel issues.

We were asked to write a job description for "Youth Worker Intern" to outline the responsibilities of leading the Summer Project Embrace Program and Vacation Bible School.  Amanda White did an excellent job for us with the help of several others and I'm sure it was a learning experience for her.

The Vacation/Sick/Funeral pay form was also approved by the Church Council at the same meeting as the "Youth Worker Intern" job description.

We were also asked to write a job description for a "Director of Music Ministry" along with others from the Church Council.  This proposal and budget change was presented to Church Council with a date set to present this proposal to the Church Congregation for a vote.

The Tot Time Director resigned in August.  An exit interview was conducted and it was felt that a lot of good things had happened the past year with some suggestions for improvements.  There was not enough time to try to hire someone new to start in September.  Pastor appointed a committee to research the feasibility of having a Tot Time Program in the future.

Ruth Ann made up new hire packets from the information the Department has worked on so far.  We continue to refine and update our material.

Because of questions and comments the "Death in Family" and "Holiday" policies were reviewed and revised by the Department and approved by the Church Council.

We welcome any questions and comments as we work toward becoming a better "Neighborhood for Christ."

Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Thompson

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Department of Christian Life

On June 8, Bishop deFreese met with our council members.  Two questions he asked us to answer were, "what excited you about First Lutheran Church?" and "what do you see in the future for your church?"  Let me relate a few of the exciting things that are happening at FLC as we go about "Building a Neighborhood for Christ."

Members volunteering many hours in a variety of ways--in the office; in cleaning, repairing and maintaining the building and grounds; preparing and serving meals; teaching Bible class and Sunday school; quilting, typing, and assembling kits for LWR; stocking shelves, loading and unloading food, repackaging bulk items, interviewing, filling orders in the pantry; laundering altar linens; manning the Bookstore; worship servants--acolytes, ushers, readers, lay assistants, greeters and Altar Guild.  The list is endless, but let something excite you.
Children coming to church alone and invited to sit with you and your family
A garage sale in June that netted over $3000 to be used for maintenance and repairs; followed by the Good Samaritan Drive that yielded vouchers from Goodwill that can be used for those in need.
Cleaning up and planting in a lot at 35th and Leavenworth on Join Hands Day on May 14th with members of the Leavenworth Neighborhood Association.
Back to School Carnival with backpacks and supplies donated by many caring people; neighborhood children and parents waiting in line early in anticipation of this event.
Thrivent has provided financial support this past year for various projects totaling more than $2,800
Fall Festival of Colors allowed FLC to make a $3,500 donation to two missions, Habitat for Humanity and Lakota Lutheran Center in Scottsbluff.
Christmas baskets given to 200 families which provided food for at least 1000 persons.
Canvassing the neighborhood and passing out 150 sacks filled with Easter candy and information about the programs at this church, caroling in the neighborhood during Advent, lapel crosses for visitors, a copy of Portals of Prayer devotional booklets for the first quarter of 2006 to each family; a sack of candy, peanuts and apple prepared by the staff and distributed to each person at the Christmas Eve services have allowed gifts to touch many lives.
The beautiful music, the variety in worship services, the growth in youth participation and the energy and enthusiasm generated by our two newest staff members, Simone Weber and Amy Serflaten, has been like a breath of fresh air.
Pastor Judith has been instrumental in working with the Sudanese in order for them to feel welcome as they join our congregation in worship.  New member classes were held in November and Pastor has encouraged these persons to participate actively in various ways.
The Eggink Memorial fund allowed the purchase of hearing aid instruments to enable those who may have difficulty hearing during the service.
An emphasis has been placed on reaching out to inactive members.
Our church prepared and sent 89 school kits, 96 quilts, 54 sewing kits, 80 fabric kits to the Lutheran World Relief Ingathering, 6 quilts were sold to help defray the cost of shipping
Joined in an ecumenical Thanksgiving Even service at the First Unitarian Church.
 We were treated to an Advent Concert series that was spectacular and most enjoyable.
The tape ministry, hospital, and homebound visitation and communion, and a weekly service at the St. Joseph Tower.  We Care group calls on the 19 shuts ins on a regular basis and sends the weekly bulletin and the quarterly devotional booklets to them.  All of these activities has enabled us to keep in touch with our members.
Perhaps you will be able to see yourself taking part in some of these exciting activities in 2006 or you may already be involved and we say thank you for all that you do.  This brings us to the Bishop's second question "what do you see in the future for you church?"  May our answer to this be--with the help of God for guidance and strength, may we continue to Build a Neighborhood for Christ.

Respectfully submitted,

JoAnn Leo, Director

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Properties and Management

Many large and small projects were completed by the department in 2006. 

New roof on church

replaced wall on north side of Biblical Garden

replaced deck on stucco house

repaired and painted outside stucco house

repaired ceiling and wall in stucco house

removed boiler and pipes from basement in stucco house

put two new storm doors on stucco house and repaired one other outside storm door

repaired roof on overhang on stucco house

replaced the roof on porch of stucc house

replaced the dining room ceiling light and fan in the stucco house

repaired the crack between the sidewalk and house on stucco house

repaired the handrail on wall in alley

cut tree down by Chapel

Cut tree down in Biblical Garden

installed security system

put new crosses in bell tower

sanded and stained all wood doors on outside of church

putting up new lighted sign on southwest corner of church property

removed light poles in the alley

cut and trimmed trees on north parking lot

waterproofed the outside wall by the Parish Hall

waterproofed and tuck pointed the outside wall by the Chapel

put trellis up around the deck on the stucco house

repaired the Dutch door in the nursery

replaced the carpet in nursery and painted the nursery

patched and painted wall by Parish Hall

repaired the double door in Centennial Hall

repaired the back alley door

painted the arch in the Sanctuary

repaired the outside downspouts

put new carpet in Chapel and painted it

repaired the corners on communion kneelers

replace and repaired numerous lock on church

planted grass seed in Biblical Garden

replaced the flat roof on the front entry

cleaned out sub-basement

installed new hymnal racks

replaced light switch in pastor's bath room

painted outside pantry door and sub-basement door

painted lines in parking lots north and west

installed various parking lot signs

repaired broken kneelers in Sanctuary

repaired desk in back office

replaced ceiling and floor in Room 306

repaired wall by the water cooler next to Room 203

revised lease for stucco house

reviewed insurance policies for church and property and chose alternate provider

installed new sound system for hearing impaired

installed fire alarm pull stations on every alarm

carpet cleaned and walls painted in Fireside Room

partial repair Sanctuary ceiling light, wall repair as needed

Waterproof basement wall and repair wall.  East side hall parish hall

install sprinkler system in church lawn

landscaping by chapel and also north side of church property

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Christian Education

February 2005--Youth and Family Director resignation

March 27, 2005--Hosted Easter egg hunt for approximately 50 neighborhood & member children

May 22, 2005--Sunday School graduation and luncheon

June 2005--summer Intern joins First Lutheran Church

June/July 2005--Project Embrace held for six weeks

June 26-July 1, 2005--Pastor Judith and three confirmands attend confirmation camp at Camp Carol Joy Holling, Ashland

August 1-5, 2005--VBS

August 6, 2005--Back to School Carnival held.  Over two hundred backpacks and supplies distributed.

September 2005--Amy Serflaten joins First Lutheran Church as Youth and Family Director

September 18, 2005--Two confirmands confirmed.  Sunday School begins with 27 registered children.

October 26, 2005--TEAM after school program begins.

October 31, 2005--Hosted Trunk or Treat with approximately 100 children in attendance.

November 20, 2005--Assisted Stewardship department with turkey dinner.

December 18, 2005--Sunday School Christmas program

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Department of Stewardship

Voters Meeting, January 16, 2005
Served chicken and noodle soup, relish tray, rolls, and drinks

Voters Meeting, May 15, 2005
Served chicken and tuna salad sandwiches, relish tray, and drinks

Golf Outing, June 18, 2005
24 golfers participated at Elmwood Park

Church Picnic, August 28, 2005
Plenty of food, fun, and fellowship at Elmwood Park

Stewardship Sunday, November 20, 2005
Sent out in mail stewardship letter with tithing cards and pamphlets entitled, "Why Support Your Church?"
The Intergenerational Dinner and Stewardship Sunday were combined
Served turkey and all the trimmings

Renumbered the Offering Envelopes

Respectfully Submitted,

Wayne Moeller
Member Stewardship Dept.

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