January 4th, 2011


Have you heard about the man who moved into a retirement community to spend the rest of his life there? It wasn’t long until he had made a number of friends among the other residents.

There was one lady he was especially attracted to, & she was attracted to him, also. So they spent a lot of time together. Finally one evening he proposed, asking her to marry him.

The next morning he woke up remembering his proposal, but he couldn’t remember her answer. So he went to her & said, “I’m really embarrassed. I proposed to you last night but I can’t remember if you said `Yes’ or `No.”’

“Oh, thank goodness!” she replied. “I remembered saying `Yes’ but I couldn’t remember who asked me.”

Sometimes I feel that way about New Year’s resolutions. I tell myself, “This year I’m going to turn over a new leaf. I’m going to exercise regularly & lose weight. I’m going to do all kinds of things to improve myself physically & spiritually.” But then somehow I forget. Maybe you have that problem, too.

So I have a suggestion for a New Year’s resolution that we ought to be able to remember. It is kind of broad & very general, but here it is let’s promise ourselves & God that we will make a change for the better. In 2011, as God’s people, as His church, let’s make this one simple resolution we’re going to make a change for the better.

PROP. And to help us do that, let me suggest some ways in which we can make a change for the better.

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