542  31st Street, Omaha, NE 6805

   Building  A Neighborhood for Christ



Sunday School is offered after the 9:30 a.m. service for ages 3 through grade 12, as well as a nursery class for the younger children.  This program runs through the school year as well as a summer program.


This year our Sunday School enrollment has increased to 54 children, at this point last year we had 47 children enrolled.  This year we have added a nursery ministry during Sunday School.  This is a wonderful addition because it allows parents time to enjoy forum or to help out with our Sunday School.    Sunday School Staff
Superintendent   Melissa Meyer
Nursery   Bert and Vera Huckeby
Pre-K/K   Amanda Barber and Carol Mulligan
1st/2nd   Diane Givens and Tina Rubek
    3rd/4th   Anna Wiksell
    5th/6th   Roger Wiksell
    Confirmation   Pastor Judith
    SR High   Connie Hagelstien and Susan Church
    Library   Ruth Johanson and Beth Jackson
    Aides   Joe, Pope, Nadine Weberg, Sandi De Graff
    Music   Deb Nitz, Diane Meyer, Carol Winther, Steve Pera