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Our vision is to build a community for Christ within the greater Omaha area in which all are welcome - a place where all individuals and families can grow and flourish in faith and discover God’s plan for their lives.

Celebrate the Holy Week with Us!

First Lutheran Church Holy Week Schedule: (more…)

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Meals and Worship Services during Lent

Join us every Wednesday night during Lent for a meal and fellowship at 6pm followed by Worship at 7pm. A sign up sheet to help with meals will be available.

Our pantry volunteers

FLC’s Food Pantry Needs You

Is it time for you to clean out your cupboards? Are you looking for a wonderful volunteer opportunity to give back to the community? Please consider helping in our Food Pantry. We strive to provide food for anyone who walks through our doors where they are welcomed with a smile and treated with dignity and respect. (more…)


Music for the Fun of it!

Tuesday, March 20 Sack Lunch and Hymn Sing 12:30-2pm Thursday, March 29 Sack Lunch and Contemporary Music Jam Session 12:30-2pm (more…)


FLC Clothes Closet

Out with the old, in with the new!  Get your spring housecleaning done.  FLC  is rotating their Clothes Closet to make room for spring clothing and accessories.  Items needed include sweaters, jackets, spring coats, scarves, t-shirts, pants, blankets, etc.  We also are in need of plastic and paper bags.  Bring in what you can to help those in need.



If you are in need of a sense of peace or guidance in your rushed life and our office is not open, please know we are here for you through our Dial-A-Meditation service at 402-345-1555.




A wedding is a day … a marriage is a lifetime.
Marriage is a holy estate to be held in honor by all. Thus, when the Church is asked to perform the Rite of Marriage, it does so in the awareness that the couple is seeking the blessing of God upon their life together.

The joy of the marriage ceremony is reflected in the prayers, praise, and thanksgiving of those who come together for this occasion.

The following is provided to assist in making your wedding a beautiful and joyful celebration which will reflect upon the sanctity of the marriage covenant.

The marriage process at First Lutheran Church includes the following steps and is necessary once the initial contact with the church has been made and a date and time are agreed upon.

These steps are:

Premarital Counseling: The attendance of premarital counseling is required of all couples. The counseling will focus on:

  • The wedding service
  • The biblical perspective of marriage
  • The importance of communication

The pastor will conduct this counseling. The time and dates will be established in cooperation with the couple.

Who shall conduct the wedding?
The pastor of First Lutheran Church will officiate the wedding service. Occasionally couples have a relative who is a pastor or a family friend whom they would like to be a part of the ceremony. These plans must be discussed with the pastor of First Lutheran prior to any planning.

A musician of First Lutheran Church will normally play for the wedding service. The wedding couple should schedule a conference for the purpose of selecting music. If other musicians are desired, plans must be discussed with the pastor.
Weddings at First Lutheran take place within the context of Christian worship and the music should reflect this tradition. Thus, many selections are more appropriate for the reception rather than the wedding service. The musician will be happy to assist the wedding couple in selecting appropriate music for the service. If solo music is desired, the wedding couple may provide their own soloist(s) and should arrange for a rehearsal with the musician.

Practices Allowed:

  • A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required at the time the church is reserved. The balance is due the Monday preceding the wedding.
  • The wedding license must be in the church office on the Monday preceding the wedding.
  • The church may be available three hours prior to the wedding in order to allow the wedding party to dress at the church as well as photography, decorating and set-up.
  • Only real flowers are to be used on the altar.
  • Because of safety and liability concerns, we ask that rice, birdseed or other substances not be thrown following the wedding service.

Other Information:
The nave area at First Lutheran will accommodate approximately 250 guests. The balcony will increase seating by an additional 50 persons.

Wedding Charges:
The costs for weddings differ for members and non-members of First Lutheran Church.  To obtain the total cost, please contact the church at 402.345.7506.