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Our vision is to build a community for Christ within the greater Omaha area in which all are welcome - a place where all individuals and families can grow and flourish in faith and discover God’s plan for their lives.

Celebrate the Holy Week with Us!

First Lutheran Church Holy Week Schedule: (more…)

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Meals and Worship Services during Lent

Join us every Wednesday night during Lent for a meal and fellowship at 6pm followed by Worship at 7pm. A sign up sheet to help with meals will be available.

Our pantry volunteers

FLC’s Food Pantry Needs You

Is it time for you to clean out your cupboards? Are you looking for a wonderful volunteer opportunity to give back to the community? Please consider helping in our Food Pantry. We strive to provide food for anyone who walks through our doors where they are welcomed with a smile and treated with dignity and respect. (more…)


Music for the Fun of it!

Tuesday, March 20 Sack Lunch and Hymn Sing 12:30-2pm Thursday, March 29 Sack Lunch and Contemporary Music Jam Session 12:30-2pm (more…)


FLC Clothes Closet

Out with the old, in with the new!  Get your spring housecleaning done.  FLC  is rotating their Clothes Closet to make room for spring clothing and accessories.  Items needed include sweaters, jackets, spring coats, scarves, t-shirts, pants, blankets, etc.  We also are in need of plastic and paper bags.  Bring in what you can to help those in need.



If you are in need of a sense of peace or guidance in your rushed life and our office is not open, please know we are here for you through our Dial-A-Meditation service at 402-345-1555.




What is Holy Communion?
In Holy Communion, Lutherans recall the saving acts of God and enter communion with Christ and Christians of all times and places. In this Sacrament we are fed spiritually with the Body and Blood of Christ. Holy Communion is offered at every regular Sunday Worship service.

The variety of names Lutherans use for Holy Communion demonstrates the many facets of our understanding about God’s action in the sacrament. Those names may include:

  • “The Lord’s Supper,” which emphasizes that this is a meal commanded and hosted by the risen Lord which also remembers Jesus’ last supper with his disciples
  • “Holy Communion,” which accentuates the community established by the Holy Spirit as we encounter Christ in the meal – community with God in Christ and community with others who share in this meal
  • “Eucharist,” which encourages us to see the whole meal as thanksgiving for God’s gifts of creation and redemption through Jesus Christ
  • “The Meal,” which indicates that God is feeding us spiritually with promises of forgiveness, life, and eternal salvation
  • “Divine Liturgy,” which emphasizes the public action carried out by a community of people

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